Marsie Wallach | Freelance Line Producer

"Marsie understands the budget and knows how to have fun with the clients. Everything you want in a producer."
Cliff Grant | Executive Producer | STORY

"Marsie is the best. So cool, so genuine. Everyone loves working with her, especially me!"
Michael Chaves | Director | Magician | Amateur Notary Public

"There is no substitute for experience. Marsie brings a world of knowledge, great creative instincts, and super support to every shoot. I would work with Marsie anywhere, anytime, on any shoot. She always has your back; a great partner to handle any situation in film production."
John Komnenich | Director

"Marsie Wallach was exceptional as my line producer for the Ford 'Join The Stampede' campaign. The logistics and sheer number of moving parts on this job were challenging and she handled everything with ease and a ton of class. This was also my first time working with Marsie. She did a phenomenal job every step of the way. Myself and everyone involved felt completely supported throughout the entire process, allowing all of us to deliver our best work for the client."
Brian Johnson | Director

"A good producer keeps everything on budget and on time. A very good producer partners with the director to ensure the vision gets on the screen while keeping everyone in a positive headspace. The great ones do it so well it seems effortless. That's Marsie."
David Orr | Director

"Marsie gets it. With clients, with crews, with me. She creates a sense of calm while making things happen"
Bob Ebel | Director

"Marsie encompasses the best qualities of both a seasoned line producer and veteran AD. She's caring, fun, super creative, and brings her "A" game every time, making the nearly impossible seem effortless. Her positive attitude is infectious AND she's a sharp dresser!"
Kipp Christiansen | DGA First Assistant Director / Line Producer

"Marsie Wallach: The best damn producer in the biz!"
Jon Dombro | DGA First Assistant Director since 1989

"I have done several shoots with Marsie and every time I hear that she will be on board as our producer, I breath a sigh of relief and find that I am sleeping better at nights. Knowing that Marsie is on the job is like an insurance policy for an agency producer."
Phil Smith | VP Senior Broadcast Producer | Laughlin Constable